Since its launch in 2012, MotorsportDays’ (MSD) has been providing track enthusiasts and MSA racing license holders with the industries most comprehensive listing of over 2,500 track days and test day events across Europe. MSD’s online users have been rapidly increasing and our website now attracts more than 32,000 page views a month making it the most progressive and in-tune media platform in motorsport, therefore allowing users to locate the track or test day that meets their exact requirements with ease.

[bquote prk_in=”“MotorSport Vision is well known in motorsport, but it is important for us to focus marketing on specific brands within our business. Both MSVT and MSVR benefit from the relevant, targeted marketing that Motorsport Days provides. A much more effective conduit than the more generic ‘prospective marketing’ available elsewhere.”

Mark Rusted – MotorSport Vision – MSV.”][prkwp_spacer]

To support this goal, MSD distributes a weekly e-newsletter to more than 8,000 subscribers, providing the latest industry news updates, track guides, feature articles and, of course, an in-depth calendar of upcoming events..